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What is a Career Change Dog? Our professional trainers carefully select our dogs by evaluating them for temperament, health and eagerness to please. They are rescued from shelters where they are at risk for euthanasia. They enter a rigorous training program to become Hearing Dogs for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Not all of our outstanding dogs can meet the demands of becoming a Certified Assistance Dog, thus the need for a "Career Change". They are, however, still winners, and make wonderful pets. Many are already housebroken and some know basic obedience commands. In short, these "near misses" make wonderful companions. We can help match you with a lifelong canine companion.


Posted on 4/16/2018

Meet RC! He is a nearly 2 yr. old, 15 lb., terrier mix adopted from a local shelter for evaluation in our Hearing Dog Program.

He had been surrendered to the shelter after a few months with a previous family who cited: 'not enough time to work with him'. His previous family said he was good with small dogs and children. RC initially was quite fearful in the car: very whiny and sometimes crying. His car trips with us improved greatly using food treats. Today, he is mostly quiet and much more at ease in the car. I expect if car trips continue to be kept fun, he will be a pro in no time! Meantime, he travels by car to a Malibu location for socialization a couple times a week with us.

RC initially had some challenges with door dashing and house breaking. These were training issues that did not take him long to learn.  He is a sensitive dog and so training in these areas were kept very positive.

RC is very affectionate, sensitive, plays with toys independently, has a moderate energy level and enjoys being with his people--definitely a house dog! He is good with grooming, loves his meals, and is crate trained.  He would enjoy living with another playful dog and would do best with someone who works from home or has the flexibility to ease him into being home alone slowly.

If you think you might be the forever home for RC, please go to our online adoption link and complete an application. If you have questions about RC, filling out an application first helps us best provide those answers for you. Thank you!