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What is a Career Change Dog? Our professional trainers carefully select our dogs by evaluating them for temperament, health and eagerness to please. They are rescued from shelters where they are at risk for euthanasia. Some are rescued from shelters where they enter a rigorous training program to become Hearing Dogs for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Not all of our outstanding dogs can meet the demands of becoming a Certified Assistance Dog, thus the need for a "Career Change". They are, however, still winners, and make wonderful pets. Many are already housebroken and some know basic obedience commands. In short, these "near misses" make wonderful companions. We can help match you with a lifelong canine companion.


Posted on 3/2/2019

Malia is a 1 1/2 year old spayed Golden Retriever. She came to us from a local animal shelter and has been with us since last summer. Malia is very sweet, affectionate and playful--particularly with other dogs. She has a moderate to lower energy level and enjoys being with her family pack. Malia was adopted by our program for consideration in our Service Dog Program, but she has not been able to overcome motion sickness nor has she learned to enjoy car rides. She is content being 'at home': walks in the neighborhood and hanging in the house with her family. 

 Malia will do best with a family that is home more days than gone and currently spends their downtime being home versus a lifestyle that includes regular activities away from home.  This family should also have the means (financial or otherwise) to provide in-home and or overnight care for a dog when travel is necessary rather than relying on board and care away from home. 

We are a small program that conducts adoptions in the homes of our adoptive families.  Preference is given to those that live within 50 miles of Malibu.  If you believe Malia may be a fit for your family, please complete an application found on our website: and go the page: Dogs for Adoption. We will reply back within 48 hours.  

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Posted on 8/24/2016

Coal is a 4 yr. old, 16 lb., miniature poodle we adopted at a local shelter to begin training in our Hearing Dog Program. He demonstrated a friendly, outgoing and confident temperament but was soon released from training for displaying high levels of stress behavior on leash walks. He is also fairly 'crittery' in the backyard with wildlife such as squirrels, mice and birds.

Coal is an affectionate dog and very playful. He loves to retrieve and he loves to sit in your lap! Inside the home, he is quiet and low key BUT we do not have much activity except for dogs coming in/going outside AND you cannot hear/see street activity nor neighbor activity, etc. We have large picture windows he can approach with views of the patio but mostly he just sees trees. Coal basically lives in a home on a very private property.

Coal is quite a happy dog and while we would love for him to have his own home, we will be fairly particular about where he is placed since he does have special needs with his home requirements. He is not going to be ideal in a home with young kids but teens are fine.

'At home' and low key is definitely what is best for Coal. If you think you are that home, please complete our online adoption application. We will contact you as soon as it is received and provide you with any additional information on Coal.

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Posted on 4/16/2018

Meet Crunchie! He is a nearly 2 -3 yr. old, 18 lb., and, our best guess, a Schnauzer/Yorkier mix adopted from a local shelter for evaluation in our Hearing Dog Program.

Cunchie is a sweet, sensitive and playful dog.  He does not quite have the confidence needed to be a Hearing Dog, but he has all the right stuff to be someone's best friend and companion.  He has very good house manners although he is now quite used to being in the company of his human 'pack' most of the time so may not enjoy being home alone if his human pack must leave the home all day for work. 

He is good with grooming, loves his meals, and is crate trained.  He would  very much enjoy living with another playful dog and would do best with someone who works from home or has the flexibility to ease him into being home alone slowly.

We don't believe Crunchie had many fun trips in the car before coming to us so he does go out to walk around the park or Zuma beach with his trainer.  He can get excited at times on a walk when he sees big dogs but he is easy to redirect and with continued training this can be well managed. 

If you think you might be the forever home for Crunchie, please go to our online adoption link and complete an online application. If you have questions about Crunchie, filling out an application first helps us best provide those answers for you. 

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Posted on 9/4/2018

Meet Parker ! He is a Westie/Maltese Mix, approx. 2yrs. old and weighs 16 lbs. He was adopted from a local shelter as a stray. We noticed right away that he was incredibly shy and timid.  It did take a day or two before he had warmed up to all the women but much longer with the men.  He definitely prefers the compnay of women and is most bonded to his trainer.

He can be fearful at times and will retreat to his bed but the fearfulness does not last. Otherwise, we see him daily here as a happy dog, playful with a few of the other dogs and eager for his turn in the training area. It has been baby steps teaching him to accept bathing and grooming (Mostly electric hair clippers) but he is so great with a bath now and has learned to tolerate the blow dryer and hair clippers. 

Since he was brought into the shelter as a stray, we have no other information and can only speculate what his life was prior. I do think someone was kind to him, probably a woman. He does not seem familiar with kids (ignores them) and he is indifferent towards men. he may have been a backyard dog but he is definitely a house dog now. He has nice house manners and enjoys being inside where he can curl up in his bed. He does get car sick so just very short fun drives in a car seat with some ginger or Bonine are best for him; otherwise, neighborhood walks will do!

While he does play with the other dogs, he really would prefer to be an only dog. If he is receiving affection, he would prefer not to have to share this special time with another dog  

While Parker may not be the best choice for busy household,  he is a quiet, easy going and sweet dog and will make someone (female) a wonderful companion. I don't think he will ever warm up the same to a man and he would do best in a home without kids or other dogs UNLESS that dog is Minnie (also available for adoption). These two are best buds. 

If you would like to learn more about Parker, please complete our online application so that we can answer any specific questions you may have.  Once we receive your application, we will get back to you shortly.  Thank you for your interest!

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Posted on 3/14/2019

Finn is a 1 1/2 year old red toy poodle.  He is an active, sweet and loving little guy!  He was brought into our Hearing Dog Program many months ago but has been 'career changed' as a companion pet because he does not enjoy being in the car. He will get car sick unless he is riding in someone's lap.  He will stay very quiet and sleep while in a lap likely because he is not enjoying the journey. Short car rides are best but otherwise am seeking an individual or family who prefer 'staycations' and are home more than gone.  Finn would enjoy a yard to play and he is best suited for someone with a home rather than an apartment or condo dweller as he is vocal often!

If you believe you are the forever home for Finn, please complete an online application and we are happy to answer any further questions for you.  Because we conduct our adoptions in the homes of our adoptive families, we prefer to place our dogs within 50 miles of Malibu. 

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