Pet Visitations

What is Pet Visitation?

Pet Visitation is an opportunity for dogs to visit with people under assisted care. While not Certified Therapy Dogs, similar benefit can be provided by these dogs such as lowering heart rate and stress, memory recall and social stimulus. Recent studies have shown the benefits of Pet Visitation to be as beneficial to the residents of Assisted Living Homes as other forms of therapy.

The Sam Simon Foundation provides visitation to several Assisted Living Homes in neighboring communities. A few of the dogs in our Hearing Dog Program accompany a member of our training staff on these visits. Not only do the residents have an opportunity to spend time with a dog in their lap, but our dogs receive additional socialization which is very important to their training.

"The pets are the highlight of the day when they come. While our community allows pets to live here with their owner, we have so many pet lovers that do not have the opportunity to have a pet of their own. These residents thoroughly enjoy and look forward to these bi-monthly visits. As soon as Tyler and the pets arrive, their faces light up and a spark is ignited in them." Sharyn Houselog, Engage Life Director, Atria Hillcrest of Thousand Oaks.

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