Adoptable Pets

What is a Career Change Dog? Our professional trainers carefully select our dogs by evaluating them for temperament, health and eagerness to please. They are rescued from shelters where they are at risk for euthanasia. They enter a rigorous training program to become Hearing Dogs for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Not all of our outstanding dogs can meet the demands of becoming a Certified Assistance Dog, thus the need for a "Career Change". They are, however, still winners, and make wonderful pets. Many are already housebroken and some know basic obedience commands. In short, these "near misses" make wonderful companions. We can help match you with a lifelong canine companion.


Posted on 4/26/2018

Biscuit is a 2 yr. old, 13 lb., male, neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, healthy Schnauzer/Poodle Cross (Schnoodle) that we adopted from a local shelter. He was brought in as a stray after being found running on a highway with a similar age and sized female dog by the Sheriff’s office. We evaluated him for our Hearing Dog Program but decided he was better suited to be a companion pet dog. Although we do not have any history on Biscuit, it was not hard to tell that he was probably loved at one time but not given much guidance or structure in being a house dog. He does live in a home setting now with his trainers and many other various sized dogs but, he prefers people to other dogs. We believe he would be happiest and do best as an ‘only child’.

We are working on socializing Biscuit around Malibu but his favorite activity is getting in the car and heading to Zuma Beach for a 3 mile walk. He loves to be with a person and this is one activity he really seems to enjoy. Biscuit is very affectionate with the people he knows and interacts with daily, playful—especially independently, eager to please, fairly comfortable in the car and crate trained. He is going to do best in home with someone who is retired or works from home and can ease him in slowly for times when he needs to be home alone. Also, he would do well to have a fenced yard off the house where can run around in and do his business

If you are interested in learning more about Biscuit, please fill out our online application so we can better answer any questions you may have and thank you for your interest in our program!